Fédération française de cyclotourisme

Bienvenue à Valognes du 25 juillet au 1er août 2021

Special conditions 2021

Depending on the evolution of the pandemic, in France, it is possible that new services will be opened (excursions, animations...), as well as new places in accommodation (collective or private) or in restaurants.
We will inform you by e-mail one week before the opening of the additional services. These last ones can only be taken by internet and payment by credit card.
Nevertheless, in order to refine our requests to our service providers, we ask you to systematically fill in the table of additional services at the end of the registration form. Your answers will not commit you to anything.
To help us to order only the right quantities of souvenirs, these are at a lower price on the registration form.
Finally, the FFCT has decided to compensate for the costs generated by the postponement with an exceptional contribution of 5 euros per adult, which is included in the registration fee.
In general, we ask you to give priority to registrations by internet and payment by credit card (in 2020 we were able to reimburse 3000 credit card files in a few days, whereas for the 2000 cheques it took months of hard work by volunteers and the federal accounting department).
We thank you for your understanding and look forward to see you all for a convivial week in VALOGNES.

Martine CANO, Présidente de la Fédération française de cyclotourisme
Hubert HUET, Président de la Cosfic Valognes 2020

Contact inscriptions:


09 87 73 83 33

Contact secrétariat:

09 82 44 32 50

Licence adulte et/ou chef de famille FFCT (38€)

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Licence adulte conjoint FFCT (21€)

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Moins de 18 ans (gratuit)

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Etranger hors FFCT (38€)

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Adulte accompagnateur non roulant (40€)

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